Oil / Propane Furnace Repair And Installation Services in NJ

When your furnace isn’t working, repair becomes a priority. New Jersey winters can be very harsh and your home can quickly become un-habitable in the absence of heat if your oil furnace is not functioning properly. In some situations oil / propane furnace repairs are simple but some cases they are much more complex and require the help of an expert. To be prepared to repair or troubleshoot your furnace, it helps to know how to identify which problems may be minor and those requiring professional hvac technician assistance.

Every local heating service contractors specialised in oil heating among other heating methods, should provide oil furnace installations, maintenance, repairs or replacement, depending on your heating system requirements as well as on the space surface, that needs to be heated.

At All Week all commercial or residential oil furnace and general heating system are serviced with expertise and knowledge, as not only we know and understand oil and propane furnaces functionality vey well, but we’re also very familiar with all major brands and models. And so working with us guarantees using the best quality appliances and parts while receiving excellent workmanship and service.

Our goal is to provide our clients most reliable oil furnace solution along with satisfactory service.

Tips For Common Oil Furnace problems

One common problem that you may experience with oil furnaces is that sometimes it might not produce any heat, while it’s on. This problem could be caused by a thermostat not properly set, a broken thermostat, a blown fuse, a problem with the valve that lets the furnace access propane, or a problem with the pilot light.

To resolve this problems, make sure your thermostat is in the proper mode and set to heat. Turn the temperature up to try to get the furnace to kick on. If it doesn’t, you can try to clean the contacts on the thermostat. If your problem still is not resolved, check your fuse box to reset any tripped circuits or replace them. If resetting does not work your final option is to try to relight the pilot on the furnace.

If your furnace is producing some heat instead of no heat at all, then the possible culprits might include a dirty filter or a dirty burner. A filter can be replaced relatively easily on your own and you can buy replacement filters at your local hardware or home improvement store. Burners will need to be cleaned or replaced by a furnace technician.

If you’re facing any of these problems or similar ones with your oil furnace, and none of these suggestions works, then call us, we’ll come by quickly and handle the issue for you.

Oil Furnace Tune up And Maintenance Service NJ

Benefits of regular Tune up And Maintenance

Energy Efficiency and energy cost reduction

A regular oil furnace maintenance can lower its oil burning and overall oil consumption, hence lower energy costs. Cutting down on your household energy is not only good for your pocket but also beneficial to the environment. Replacing your old heating

Consistent Maintenance & Tune up’s increase life span

It will also increase a furnace’s lifespan which is typically 14 to 20 years.
A furnace is known to have much longer lifespan than other heating appliances, if preventive and annual maintenance is applied regularly. Among the benefits of oil furnace maintenance is, to prevent or find oil leaks when they start, which will cut the cost of furnace oil consumption and also save you the dripping oil mess! Consistently maintaining your oil furnace will also extended its life enabling you to make the best out of it, in the long run.

As hvac experts specialize in servicing different types of heating systems and furnaces, we always advise using a pre-season oil furnace tune up and cleanup service. That, will provide the device a boost and will insure its optimum functionality and performance,during the cold season when you most need it.

Working with our heating service company on your oil furnace project, will insure you getting quality, value and satisfaction for money. We will be happy to offer you a free quotation and also discuss the options that are available to you. We’ll advise on the oil furnace brand we believe you should use, likewise we could work with the brand of your choice, as in all cases we support all major oil or propane furnace brands. We also offer a comprehensive warranty and product guarantee regardless of the furnace brand.

We are trained to assess and evaluate any problems that an oil furnace can have and provide solutions that help you to get the most out of your device; without breaking the bank.

We Service All Major Oil Furnace Brands And Models