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As the winter weather approaches it is vitally important to keep the chimney in your home serviced, cleaned and maintained. But with so many different companies and independent contractors providing cleaning, repairs and rebuilding services, many home owners often struggle to determine what attributes can separate quality vendors from the pack. In order to help you make a well informed decision as to what type of chimney repair specialist to hire to maintain or repair your chimney, here are four areas of expertise that any service company should possess.

Expert Chimney Cleaning

Chimney-1The most common cause of chimney related issues is due to chimneys that are not properly maintained each year. And believe it or not, a simple cleaning service done once per year is a great way to ensure the integrity and operation of virtually any chimney. This is why the most important asset that a quality service repair will have is extended experience in chimney cleaning. When a company places a focus on keeping your chimney clean, they show a dedication to producing quality results – by focusing on the small details.

Professional Liners Installation

The chimney liner is one of the most important support parts that keep a house safe when they use it to warm their house. In general, chimney liners are manufactured in three different methods, Metal, Clay Tiles and Cast-In-Place. Our professional service company will have experience in installing and replacing all three types of chimney liners. They also will understand how each one requires different methods of installation.

Custom Repairs

All chimneys are not always built the same. As a result, a professional and dependable chimney repair company will understand that all repairs are unique. This is important to understand as different repairs will cost different amounts. As a reliable repair company will take the time to visit your home first – inspect the chimney and then quote a price for repair.

Efficient Structure Rebuilding

Finally, any chimney service company should have extended experience in rebuilding them in older and newer homes. Replacing a chimney is not as simple as just replacing a few bricks. In fact, this is a highly complex process – according to different structures. This is why an experienced chimney repair company will have the knowledge to efficiently replace them – regardless of age or condition.

Anytime you want to hire a good repair company, make sure they provide all four of these services, are licensed, insured and bonded and have a dependable record in delivering exceptional customer service.

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