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Product Description

Carrier® Infinity® 96% AFUE 120000 Btu 2 Stage Variable Speed Multipoise Gas Furnace
Model : 59TN6A120V21—22
59TN = Infinity® Series Two-Stage 4-Way Multipoise
Condensing Gas Furnace
6= +96 AFUE
A= Major Series
120= 120,000 Btuh
V= Variable Speed Motor
24=24.5” Width
22= 2200 CFM Airflow

The multipoise Variable-speed Condensing Gas Furnace known as the “59TN6A” exhibits a two-stage Infinity® system. Present at the heart of the comfort delivered by this furnace is the Comfort Heat Technology® two-stage gas system, together with the Infinity variable-speed ECM blower motor, as well as a two-speed inducer motor. It renders incredible savings even when it is likened to a standard furnace, with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of up to 96.7%. Amongst its many features is its 4-Way multipoise installation flexibility that is available in five model sizes. The 59TN6A can be released direct vent/two-pipe, ventilated combustion air, and even a single-pipe use. An Infinity Air Conditioner and A carrier Infinity control or even a Heat pump could be utilized to create a complete Infinity System. All of it units are fully guaranteed by California Air Quality Management District emission requirements and design certified in Canada.

Carrier® 59TN6A120V24—1—22 Furnace Standard Features

  • The Infinity® system is compatible with single and multiple-zone infinity systems.
  • Ever of its size fits ENERGY STAR® Version 4.0 conditions for gas furnaces: 95+AFUE; AMACF electrical rating; 2% or less cabinet Airflow leakage.
  • It is less noisy during its operation. You can analyze that at
  • Moderate height 35-in. (889mm) cabinet: which is short enough for taller coils, and still makes creates space for service.
  • Infinity Features – fits the Infinity regulation for Infinity System benefits.
  • Intrinsic part of the Ideal Humidity System® Technology.
  • Silicon Nitride Power Heat™ Hot Surface Igniter.
  • SmartEvap™ technology aids in the control of humidity levels in the resident, once employed with a matching humidity regulation system.
  • The control of incessant fan speed is facilitated by ComfortFan™ technology from a compatible Thermostat.
  • Also includes External Media Filter Cabinet.
  • 4-way multipoise design for up-flow, down-flow or horizontal installation, which has a peculiar vent elbow and voluntary through-the-cabinet down-flow venting capability.
  • Adjustable-Speed blower motor, two-speed inducer motor, and two-stage gas valve.
  • Self-diagnostics and lengthened diagnostic data through the Advanced Product Monitor (APM) accessory or Infinity User Interface.
  • Flexible blower speed for cooling, incessant fan, and dehumidification.
  • Aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger.
  • Stainless-steel condensing secondary heat exchanger.
  • Propane convertible (See Accessory list).
  • Factory-configured ready for up-flow applications.
  • Fully-insulated casing including blower section.
  • Air Purifier and Humidifier connections that are convenient.
  • Direct-vent/sealed combustion, single-pipe venting or ventilated combustion air.
  • Installation modifiability: (sidewall or vertical vent).
  • Using the Retail Credit program, residential installations may be qualified for consumer funding.
  • Attested to leak about 2% or less of nominal air conditioning CFM released when pressurized to 1-in. water column with all present air inlets, air outlets, and condensate drain port(s) sealed.

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