How to your save money on your heating bill through energy star

Almost every homeowner has to pay for power, from gas, fossil or solar. Other relative energy sources that are being used in the creation of electricity are coal, wind and nuclear. A number of homeowners also use Hydro-Electric to generate energy, where the movement of water leads to power creation, as practiced by Hoover Dam. Irrespective of the source a company will use to create energy, least one is completely off the grid generating their own energy, consumers have to constantly pay bills so as to continue using electricity that powers almost every household appliance.

During winter or summer time, high or low temperatures will require the rise of heating/cooling air systems usage. Due to this, many homeowners receive higher heating bills. However, we understand especially these tough economic days that every dollar counts and by following these basic tips one can save money and will significantly reduce the amount of power used and thereby lower monthly bills.

Seal Air Leaks

Warm air that leaks into our homes in the summer and out in the winter will cause higher energy bills. Check for leaks near windows, doors, outlets, and switches by seizing a lit incense pole on a windy day. If smoke brook moves parallel, you got the air leak. Seal these air leaks where ducting, plumbing or wiring enters through walls, ceilings or floors. Connect rubber gaskets behind scheduled outlet and change plates on exterior walls.

Get/Upgrade Your Thermostat

The savings from programmable thermostats are incredibly efficient and will help you save your hard earned money. By automatically turning down the house temperature by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours a day, either when one is not at home or when sleeping, these types of thermostats will approximately cut your heating bills by 10% or even more. thermostats are becoming cheaper more than ever, with some models being under $25.

Insulate the Attic Access Door

Insufficient insulation and also air leakage are lead reasons for energy waste in a lot of homes. Check the insulation in the crawl spaces, attic and any other hard-to-reach areas that can tend to be the major energy loss points. Look for gaps in the insulation and areas with inadequate coverage. Adding another layer of insulation can make your home more comfortable by maintaining an unvarying temperature all over your house and can make a noticeable difference on your energy bill.

Replace your energy unit

When purchasing new appliances, electronics, and lighting, save money on your utility bill and help the environment by purchasing ENERGY STAR competent products. Products that have earned the ENERGY STAR posses the highest rating a product can earn for energy efficiency. When replacing light bulbs, be sure to use ENERGY-STAR qualified bulbs which are known to use 75 percent less energy than standard bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

Let the Sun into your house

Despite freezing temperatures outdoors, sun rays will still channel some heat into your house. You won’t pay a fee for this so why not use It to benefit you. The sun rays help you reduce the amount of heat you need to run. Open the curtains during daytime to let in direct sunlight. Slim/trim tree branches or bushes that prevent sunlight to your windows so as to maximize your sunlight gains. Close your curtains during the night so as to act as barriers to minimize drafts.