How cold does it have to get before you turn on the heat? POLL!

Every year in the month of October is a period of love/hate relationship in almost every house.

It’s a favorite month where the games are on TV and it’s cool enough outside to do all yard-work without having to sweat through it all.

I then don’t like October as it hangs between summer and winter with Mother Nature undecided on which way to go warm or cold. It can take over the month with a warm summer feeling or hit with early stages of winter. Having lived together with my wife I know every time the temperature drops below 50° outside, it’s time to turn on the heater.

In our area, once the temperature dips to 40° or below freezing, it’s acceptable to turn on the heater. Otherwise, we’ll be fine within the house.

Wirth my youngest child in the house, my stance on the issue has really softened to how warm the thermostat should be set to once I’m finally permitted to turn it on. You can imagine the fun that comes with it as an argument can start pretty quickly.

So for you, how cold does it have to get outside before you turn on the heater?

  • Anything below 60 degrees
  • Below 50 degrees
  • Below 40 degrees
  • Below Freezing (32 degrees)

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