Now before you turn on the heat: 5 things to check before turning on your furnace


With the weather getting colder, it is imperative that you tackle the monster in your basement. Your furnace needs a little attention before it’s turned on.

Here are five tips we hashave for homeowners before they turn on their heat.

1. Ensure your Thermostat Works and Replace its Batteries

Before the cold becomes severe, put your thermostat on and pay attention to ensure your boiler or furnace turns on. If you are using a more modern advanced thermostat, it is more likely powered by batteries. The batteries should be replaced as regularly as you change your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,which is twice a year.

2. Clean your Ducts

If your duct is dust free, your air quality is bound to improve. There are companies who handle duct cleaning. It is also possible for home owners to apply a DIY method to maintain efficiency.

3. Change the Filter

We also advise homeowners to change their filter regularly. For those with pets or your home seems to always be dusty, ensure you change the filter every three months. Changing your filter as well as cleaning your duct will go a long way in in improving your air quality.

4. Inspect Vent Outside

This is necessary if you have a high efficiency furnace. Checks are important to ensure the intake and exhaust vents are free from leaves, rodents and bird nests. Home owners should not find it difficult spotting PVC venting material on an exterior wall of their house.

5. Hire a Professional to Clean and Inspect your Furnace

During fall, we get a lot of requests for service checks and cleaning. Homeowners can get this done at any time of the year. Some homeowners are fixative on getting it done at a particular time of the year and as long as it’s done yearly, it’s fine.

“Some people have this idea where they need to do it every fall, Just as long as it’s on a yearly basis, that’s what we recommend.” Thank you from All Week.