Top 10 Furnace Issues

Cold weather and winter are not the best times to have your furnace out of order. They are, however, the most frequent times a homeowner experiences furnace malfunction. There are common furnace issues that crop up repeatedly with both commercial and residential heating.

Here are ten most serious to be aware of. Keeping an eye out for these issues can help you stay ahead of the snow and cold during the cold.

1. Missed annual maintenance

It’s important to have your annual maintenance and inspection performed. It’s recommended you make an appointment early in the cold season as they are designed to specifically look for issues that will slow you up in winter.

2. Changing filters

The filters inside your furnace can become clogged from dust and normal use. If clogged or stuck, the furnace could have difficulty circulating air and cause a break in the fan switch.

3. Normal wear of use

Long term use is the reason annual inspections are so important. Even without a noticeable problem, a furnace can have reduced effectiveness from being old or needing a cleaning.

4. Electrical issues

Both the ignition switch and pilot can create problems in heating if they are damaged. Switches can make it difficult to heat the home or space and pilot light issues may be due to clogs which prevent it lighting.

5. Thermostat malfunctions

The thermostat regulates the fan and the temperature control so heating the home is impacted by damage to the thermostat regulator.

6. No heat production

All the above can contribute to a furnace not producing enough heat for the home, as well as the size of the furnace. It’s an indicator that something internal needs repair.

7. Too little heat

Clogged filters and thermostat regulators could be to blame but it’s also important to have the inspector reconfirm the furnace is correct for the space. Furnaces have specs that indicate how large a space they can heat.

8. Cycling too much

Furnaces have an on and off switch controlled by the thermostat. If it’s switching too frequently between the two, the thermostat or clogs might be to blame.

9. Blower running

If the blower is running continuously, there could be issues with the switch that controls the fan.

10. Excess noise

Furnaces generally hum but they shouldn’t be making a noise that grinds, squeaks or rattles. If they are, there could be a number of issues and service should be called.

There are a variety of issues that need to be looked at when having maintenance or repair done to a furnace. It’s important to give your furnace it’s “annual checkup” to ensure nothing happens during the coldest times of year when you need it most. It’s good to keep these items in mind when having furnace issues, questions, or inspections. Take good care of your furnace and it will take care of you.