Why Your Heating System Requires Annual Maintenance Checks

Since summer is almost over and fall is fast approaching, it is important that you carry out preventative maintenance check on your heating system. Your heating system has been idle for about five to six months and it is not a good idea to assume that everything will just be in order.

This is not to say everything can’t be in order, but you should not make such assumption. This is the best time to let us check your heating system. The charges for heating system maintenance or repair services increases as fall approaches. The nearer it is, the higher the charges. This is because all service providers will be become busier as fall nears.

Apart from ensuring that your heating system is in perfect condition, here are some other reasons you should ensure you carry out annual preventative maintenance on your heating system.

Lower utility bill

When any component of your heating system is not working properly, your whole system will not be firing from all cylinders. So, it will consume more energy to supply heat. You will suffer from higher utility bill and poor performance of your appliance.

However, if every component is working fine, your heating system will give a fantastic output. It will consume less energy to supply more heat. This lowers your monthly utility bill. One funny thing about heating systems is that they always seem fine during the summer days. They now begin to act up when fall knocks, the time you need them most. A lot of our clients have complained that their system seemed okay when it was tested a few weeks before fall but failed to perform later.

Avoid sudden system breakdowns that will incur high repair cost

Preventative maintenance is not only about fixing what has gone wrong. It is also about checking what could go wrong so that it can be prevented. A stich in time always saves nine and prevention is way better and far cheaper than cure. The component that is about to pack up will be changed.

Remember, all the components of your heating system work together. A component can pack up because another component packed up earlier. Fixing both components will definitely cost you more than replacing only one. It will also cost you more utility bill.

Protected warranty

Furnaces and other heating system usually come with warranty but with two common conditions. You should not skip annual maintenance service and it should be done by a qualified company. So, calling us to carry out a maintenance check on your heating system keeps your warranty in force.

Additional safety

Faulty heating system can lead to other safety issues. If the cooling part of your heating system becomes faulty, it can cause fire due to overheating. Another example is the heating exchanger. If it develops a crack, dangerous carbon monoxide can leak out through the crack and find its way into your living room. Those are just a few of the safety issues that maintenance checks can prevent.

Lifespan extension

Finally, regular maintenance checks will extend the lifespan of your heating system and it will be in topmost condition all through its lifespan.